If you're seeking to collect more data than what our Quiz Questions feature allows for, embedding a survey/questionnaire tool, such as Typeform, directly into a product's lesson is a great solution. 

When you embed a Typeform into your lesson in MV, your people will be able to access & submit their survey directly from within your product without having to leave your MV site.

Steps to Embed a Typeform Survey in Your Product's Lesson:

  1.  Create your Typeform Survey. 
  2. Once done, visit the survey's "Share" page and select the 'Embed into a web page' option:

  3. Customize the settings for your embed (if desired) and then select 'Get the code':

  4. Copy the code provided in the Embed Code window:

  5. In MV, navigate to the specific lesson in your product where you wish to add your tool. 
  6. Open the Lesson Text's source code area:

  7. In the source code window, paste your embed code and click 'Ok' to save:

  8. You won't see the Typeform displayed in your Lesson Text area, but when you preview your lesson using the lesson's 'Preview Mode', you'll see it displayed.

Congrats! 🎉 Your people can now access & submit their questionnaire directly from within your MV product.

Question? Reach out to us via email at hello@membervault.co or using the Chat Support within your MV account.