If you have a product that has been set to drip either by calendar date (ie. date-dripped) or by # of weeks or days based on when someone joins your product (ie. time-dripped), the modules will be released at 12:00am in your selected timezone each day.

For example, if you have a date-dripped product with a module scheduled to release on Dec. 1st and your account settings have been set to the Eastern Time Zone - that module will be released at 12:00am ET on Dec. 1st.

If you have a time-dripped product that releases Module #2 one week after someone joins the product - that module will be released at 12:00am ET 7 days later. 

Although modules are released at 12:00am in your selected timezone, MemberVault does not send any emails or notifications to your people to inform them of the module's availability. Any communication to your people would need to come from your email service so you can select/control the time you wish to inform them of a module's availability. For example, even though the module releases at 12am - you may wish to send a reminder email to your people at 8am on the same day instead. 

Any questions? Reach out to us via email at hello@membervault.co or within the Facebook Collaborative Group.