Resetting your Admin Password takes a few quick steps. You'll be back up and working in your account in no time - just follow the directions below. 

  1. Ensure you go to the Admin Login page and not the general User Login form. Your Admin Login page can be accessed by adding '/admin' to your account's URL or by using the 'admin login' prompt on the User Login form as shown below. (Resetting your Admin Password from the main user login page will NOT work.)

  2. Once on the Admin Login page, click the 'Forgot Password?' prompt.

  3. The Admin Login page is already defaulted to your Admin Email Address and will confirm the email address the password reset email will be sent to.

  4. To complete the 'Forgotten Password' reset request, click 'Submit'. 
  5. Check your email for your 'Password Reset' email. 
  6. Click the link referenced in the email and follow the steps to reset your password. 

VIOLA! 🎉 You're back in action, my friend!

Any questions? Reach out to us via email at or within the Facebook Collaborative Group.