For a complete overview, read Adding a Free Opt-In

  1. Add a new product (or click edit if you've already added it)
  2. Give it a title, image and description (what is it and why should they want to know more) and click Add Product
  3. Add a new Module
  4. Give it a title (ex "Start Here") and optional module image if you have one
  5. Add a new Lesson
  6. Make the title the same as the module name (we recommend simply copy and pasting), and put instructions in the Lesson Text if you have any, and click Add Lesson
  7. On the right hand side, upload your PDF in the Lesson Files section

And that's the bare minimum....done and dusted! Now, we recommend that you add a little extra engagement to this product by incorporating a bonus module (here's how), and some essay quiz questions for market research purposes (i.e. now that you have a guide to X, what are you going to focus on? AND/OR is there anything else I should know about your experience with X?).

But otherwise, that's it! 🙌

Still confused?  Something not working?  Can we make this better? Please reach out and let us know!  When logged into your account, click on the chat icon, ask your question in our Facebook Collaborative Group, or send us an email at