If one of your people reaches out to you to request that their product subscription be canceled, you can take care of the cancelation from directly within your Admin account if that subscription is processed via Stripe.

Important Note for PayPal Users: At this time, this process does not fully work for PayPal subscriptions. You can use the 'Cancel Subscription' feature noted in the steps below to cancel the MV record of the subscription (meaning it will no longer show under your 'Active Payment Plans' summary on your dashboard) but you will still need to directly cancel the subscription in PayPal. 

If the subscription you need to cancel is processed by Stripe, follow these steps to cancel a person's recurring subscription to your product:

  1. Open your MV Dashboard. 
  2. Expand the 'Active Payment Plans' section.

  3. Locate the subscription for the person who wishes to cancel and select the 'details' option for their payment.

  4. This will open the person's Purchase Info where you'll see the various details of their subscription, including a 'Cancel Subscription' option at the bottom where you can choose whether the user continues to have access to the product or not.

  5. Once you have selected if the product access should be removed, click 'Cancel Subscription'. This will cancel the person's subscription in Stripe and will also remove them from the 'Active Payment Plans' area in your MV Dashboard.


If you have processes set-up in your email service that are dependent upon the status of a person's subscription, you'll need to update your email service manually to reflect the cancelation. 

Depending on the product in question and the conclusion of the person's billing cycle, you may wish to have their access to the product continue until the end of the billing cycle. If so, do not select the checkbox that removes their access at the time of cancelation. Instead, make a reminder for yourself in your calendar to manually remove the person's access to the product on the date when their billing cycle concludes. 

Any questions? Reach out to us via email at hello@membervault.co or within the Facebook Collaborative Group.