Great question! 

Whenever a new MV Admin account is created, we automatically add a Subscriber Hub product to the account. 

In general, this product is meant to help you get started on your MV journey. When you access the product, you'll notice various prompts throughout guiding you on where to add content & copy. 

The idea/purpose behind the Subscriber Hub product is to give you one area where you can add your various 'lead magnets' or 'freebies' rather than creating a new product for each of those items. 

For example, let's say you have four separate lead magnets - all of which are PDF Workbooks. In your Subscriber Hub product, you could create one module for 'PDF Workbooks' and then upload each PDF into its own separate lesson. You would then have one module specifically for all of your PDF Workbooks with four lessons within that module - all containing a different 'freebie':

If you also have several video trainings that you use as 'lead magnets' or 'freebies', you could add those to another module titled 'Video Trainings'. In this case, you'd now have two modules in your Subscriber Hub that both contain multiple pieces of free content:

The benefit of using a Subscriber Hub product is to offer all of your free content within one product so your audience only needs to subscribe to one product to get access to your free content rather than having to opt-in to multiple products which would create friction and cause them frustration.

Sharing all of your free content in one product creates a much better experience for your people and gives you a great opportunity to 'Wow' them.

Reminder - you can name your Subscriber Hub product whatever you would like. This is just the title we use to reference a product that contains multiple 'freebies'. You might prefer something different like 'Resource Library' or 'Content Hub' - go for it! Make it your own! 🙂

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Any questions? Reach out to us via email at or within the Facebook Collaborative Group.