For a complete overview, read Adding a Paid Product

  1. Add a product (or click edit if you've already added it)
  2. Under Type, choose if you'd like your course to be Date Drip, Time Drip or Progressive. (below is a description of each option)
  3. Give it a title, image and description and click Add Product
  4. Add a new Module
  5. Decide either what date it unlocks or how many drip days (remember to keep the first module at 0 days so its available)
  6. Give it a title (ex "Start Here") and image if you have one
  7. Add a new Lesson
  8. If using video, select your video type and ID, and make sure the preview shows the video.  You can put lesson text in as well if desired
  9. Go back to the module, and add lessons until module is complete.
  10. Go back to content and add more modules if you have them.

Explanation of Drip Types:
Date Dripped
- modules release based on a specific calendar date set by you
Time Dripped - modules release based on a specific # of days or weeks from the date of opt-in or purchase
Progressive - all lessons & modules must be completed in order for the next lesson or module to unlock

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