Including product & module images in your products is a great way to create visual appeal and to add branding to your offers.

Before you get started, here are a few details & tips to consider:

Ideal Image Dimensions

PRODUCT IMAGES - 640px x 243px (width x height)
These images are shown with the product's details both in your Marketplace and on the product's specific page.

MODULE IMAGES - 600px x 100px (width x height) 
These images are viewed on a products page and within each module's view within the product.

Image Resolution

Depending on the tool you use to create your images, you might find that on larger screens the resolution becomes less than ideal. 

To help accommodate for this, increase the dimensions of your images two-fold. 

For example, if you are creating a product image and want to ensure the resolution remains good for those viewing on large screens - instead of using the base dimensions of 640 x 243px...increase those equally by 2x (ie. 1280 x 486px). 

This will keep the aspect ratio of your image to that of the ideal dimensions but will ensure a good viewing experience on all screens size; big or small.

Image File Types

We suggest using .png or .jpeg image files for your product & modules images. 

Please do not use PDF files for your product or module image files - the platform does not recognize PDF files as images.

Tips for Creating Your Product & Module Images

  • Not sure how/where to create your images? Check out Canva or Design Wizard - both are free tools for image creation. 
  • The ideal dimensions are based on the framework of the platform, while you can play with the height dimension - we don't suggest altering the width dimension as it will cause your image to be skewed when MV adjusts it to fit the framework.
  • Keep your images consistent in size across all products. This will help ensure symmetry on your Marketplace page & product pages and will provide a better visual experience for your visitors & users. 
  • Avoid using 'tall' images for your product images. The taller the image, the longer it makes your Marketplace page and causes your users to scroll. 
  • Always test your images in mobile view to ensure a good visual experience is offered on all devices. For example, if you use 'tall' images for your product images (like a book cover layout) this will likely cause your user to have to scroll several times if viewing your account on a mobile device. 
  • Consistency is key! If all of your images look extremely different from one another, it will create a very disjointed experience for those visiting your account. 
  • Check out the MV Marketplace to see these tips in action.  

Questions? Reach out to us at or within our FB Group, The MV Collaborative.