Being able to grant access to a product for a user using Actions has main great use cases. 

One of the most popular uses is for executing a 'bundle' offering where a user receives access to an additional product(s) because they purchased the main product. 

Another use case would be if you wanted to reward someone with automatic access to a specific product after they complete another product or complete a specific action (ie. reaching 100 EP in your account). 

To create an 'Add User to Product' action, open your Actions settings and locate the product that the trigger is associated with. 

For example, let's say that we want to give access to our 'Special PDF Workbook' when someone purchases our "Maximize Your Business Course" - we would create our action under the "Maximize Your Business Course" because that's the product that triggers access to the other one. 

Once you've found the product that will trigger access to the additional product(s), click 'Add Action' to set-up your new action. 

Set the action's trigger (ie. the 'When this happens...' setting) to 'Added to Product'.

Next, set the action (ie. the 'Do this...' setting) to 'Add User to Product' and in the next column, select the product that access should be given to.

Perfect! 👍 Now whenever someone is added to the main product, they'll receive access to the product you set in this action.

If you want to give access to more than one additional product when someone is added to the main product, just use the 'add more' option to include another product.

In the above example, the user would now receive access to 3 additional products when they purchase our "Maximize Your Business Course" product. 

You can also grant access to products for specific actions that are not related to an initial product under the 'User Actions' area. For example, if I want to give someone access to the 'Special PDF Workbook' product when they receive 100 EP in my account, I would set this up under 'User Actions' and not under a specific product's actions.

Now whenever a user reaches 100 EP in my account, they will automatically receive access to my 'Special PDF Workbook' product. 

In a case like this, I'd also want to tell the user that they've received this 'bonus' access to a product based on their engagement. To do so, I would trigger an email from my email service to congratulate them and to encourage them to check out this new product. 

Be sure to familiarize yourself with the various Action Triggers that are available to you. Once you know what triggers can be used to set an action in motion, you'll begin to see all of the opportunities that are possible for your account & products. 

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