With the use of Actions, sending your users an email based on how they've engaged with your product(s) is very easy. 

In this scenario, let's look at the steps required to send an email that rewards users when they complete a product. 

Create a Tag Action for Your Product:

  1. Ensure your account is integrated with one of the email services supported by MV
  2. Select 'Actions' in your navigation menu and locate the product you are working on.

  3. Click the 'Add Action' button for that product to create a new action.

  4. Adjust the Trigger (ie. 'When this happens...' setting) to 'Completed Product.

  5. Now set the 'Do this...' action to 'Add a Tag' and note the tag that you want your user to be tagged with when they complete the product.

Congrats! 🥳 Your user will now be tagged appropriately in your email service when they complete your product.

Create Your 'Reward Email':

Once you have your tag action created in MV, you'll want to create your 'Reward Email' in your email service. 

There are many types of rewards that you can share by email but as a few suggestions, you could...

  • offer them a discount on another product using a coupon code 
  • 'unlock' an invisible product 
  • give them the opportunity to book a complimentary 1:1 call with you 
  • send them a digital 'badge' (ie. a graphic they can use to show they've completed your training, like our Golden Hamster)

If you're struggling with what to say, don't worry - just scroll to the bottom of this article; we've provided you with an option swipe email that you can use. Just copy & paste into your email frame and tweak the copy to fit your needs & audience.

Trigger Your Reward Email:

Now that you have a tag in place for when your user completes your product, you can use that specific tag to trigger your 'reward email' in your email service.

Not sure how to trigger an email using a tag in your email service? Select your email service below for more information.

Going forward, any time one of your users receives the tag for completing your product, they'll receive your reward email...and their minds will be blown by your awesomeness! 🤯



Subject line: Ohhh YEAAAAAH, %FIRSTNAME%. [Reward inside]

You did it. You friggin’ DID IT.

Are you celebrating? Are you giving yourself a high five? This puts you in an elite group of action takers, and to me, it showcases how important [result/outcome they really want is] is to you.

If you aren’t quite there yet, don’t get disappointed -- [reason they might not have achieved that result yet and how to fix/work on it] or [reason they might not have achieved that result yet and how to fix/work on it].

But I KNOW you’re farther along than you were when you started this. And I’m so excited to give you [completion reward with any relevant details or links].

Really proud of you, and can't wait to see you keep up this momentum!

High five,
Your Name

PS. What’s ONE thing you’d change or tweak about this experience? Hit reply, and let me know. I’m all ears.


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