Each product you create in MV will need to be assigned a sign-up option in the product's settings. While some users set their product's sign-up option as one of the first steps when creating this product, it really only needs to be done before you share the product with your audience. 

By default, each new product is set with a sign-up option of 'none' which means it is not available for someone to subscribe to or purchase. 

Let's take a look at each specific sign-up option:

Products with a sign-up option of 'None' are unavailable for opt-in or purchase and do not appear in your account's Marketplace. Essentially, this product is 'closed'.

A 'link' product will direct traffic away from your MV account when they click the product's 'buy button'.  In the sign-up option settings, you'll need to provide the external link that you want the product to redirect to. This is a great option if you want to promote a free strategy call as a product in your MV account but want to lead the prospect directly to your online calendar to book a call with you. In this case, you would provide the link to your online calendar in the link settings. This is also a popular option for users who wish to process opt-ins or purchases outside of their account (ie. using an external landing page) but still want to promote the product within MV.

The'Form' sign-up option is used for free products and allows new users to subscribe to the product directly from your account's Marketplace. If you have your MV account connected to an email service that we integrate with, MV will update your email service with this new subscriber's contact information. Depending on the email service that you use, you may also see additional details for you to map the product to a specific list or form in your email service. 

A product with a sign-up option set to 'Payment' will allow users to purchase the product directly from your MV Marketplace. When selected, additional payment options will appear which you'll need to set before sharing the product with your audience. Before setting a product to 'Payment', make sure to connect your account to PayPal and/Stripe under the Payment Integration area in your dashboard (Settings > Payment Integration). 

Also see: What Do the Different Product Types Mean?

Questions? Reach out to us via email at hello@membervault.co or using the Intercom Chat feature within your account.