Knowing the engagement of your users is a very powerful thing and will allow you to reward users for their efforts and utilize gamification to motivate them even further. 

In MemberVault, engagement is tracked via EP (engagement points)

To view user engagement across your entire account:

  1. Open your Admin Dashboard. 
  2. Set the 'engagement snapshot' dates to the timeframe you wish to review (by default, the snapshot dates are set for the past month).

  3. Scroll down to review your engagement graph for the dates chosen. Here you will see the total engagement across your account for this period along with the total # of EP earned during the timeframe.

  4. Scroll even further to review engagement by product and by user (top 10) for the given timeframe. The product side will show you ALL products in your account regardless if they are invisible or inactive.

  5. Scroll over any blue progress bar to see the total # of EP earned in that product or by that user.

To view the user engagement within a specific product:

  1. Follow steps 1 & 2 above. 
  2. Scroll beyond the general engagement stats until you see a list of your products.

  3. Click on the product you want to review. This will expand the product's engagement tracking area where you'll be able to see: the engagement graph, top 10 engaged users and engagement by users.

  4. You will also be able to review the completion stats for the specific product.

To view a specific user's progress in a product:

  1. Go to Users > List in your Admin Dashboard and search for the specific user whose progress you wish to view. 
  2. Click 'edit' to the far right of their name & email address. This will open the user's User Profile Area.
  3. Once you have opened the user's profile, you will see a progress chart for all products they have access to at the very top of their profile.
  4. Locate the product you want to review engagement for and hover over the blue progress bar. This will show you the user's engagement with the product by % of content completed.

Questions? Reach out to us at or within our FB Group, The MV Collaborative.