The opt-in checkbox area provides you with an area to reference your business' terms & conditions, privacy policy and any other relevant 'legal documents' such as disclaimers, security policies, etc. 

The intention is to give you an opportunity to present your users with the necessary info they need to know and acknowledge before doing business with you and for you to collect consent regarding those details.

When the subscription or purchase process happens directly in your MV account, users are presented with a statement on the opt-in/purchase form that they must check before continuing.

Because this checkbox must be checked by your user before opting into or purchasing your product, it's important that you provide them with the necessary links or written information so they know what they are acknowledging. 

In most cases, it's likely that you have these documents stored on your website - in which case, linking to those documents in the Opt-In Checkbox Area is the easy course of action. 

If you do not have these documents in place for your business yet, we highly recommend speaking with your lawyer to get them in place. 

In the meantime, you can add written copy to the Opt-In Checkbox Area for your product that outlines the various terms of your services and user acknowledgments. For example, you may want to reference that they will be added to your mailing list or that they need to consult their doctor before proceeding with any of your suggestions should you offer health & fitness advice. What you note in the Opt-In Checkbox Area is specific to your business & offerings. 

To Customize the Opt-in Checkbox Area

  1. Locate the Opt-in Checkbox Area for the product in question (it's located just below the teaser message field).
  2. Amend the default copy provided in this area to reference whatever you feel works best for your business. 
  3. If applicable, link to your legal docs on your website by inserting a hyperlink using the 'insert/edit link' button.

If you have legal docs created but they are not yet hosted on your website or somewhere else for you to link to, consider creating a File Library product so you can store them in your MV account directly. 

Questions? Reach out to us at or within our FB Group, The MV Collaborative.

[IMPORTANT NOTE: This article is intended to help explain the purpose of the opt-in checkbox area for your products and should not be considered as legal advice.