*Note* - if you joined MemberVault after May 1st, the contents of this support article do not apply for you.

Actions (launched May 1, 2019) is a MemberVault feature that lets you customize how to automatically respond to certain user actions.  This will replace the current tagging system, email notification system, and will allow easier gamification/bundling or products.

Previously, if you had a supported email platform integrated, MemberVault would automatically tag ALL ACTIONS, and would use the standard naming convention "membervault_X".  When you turn on Actions, we will automatically stop tagging everything and instead only tag what you define in actions.  If you're not ready to make this change, we'll continue to support the "tag everything" method until August 1st, 2019.

Why are we making this change?

After years of working with customers, and using MemberVault ourselves, we noticed two issues.

  • While we internally track ALL actions in MemberVault, very few of them actually need to be sent over to your email system.  This was creating WAY TOO MANY tags for users, to the point where they started to become meaningless.  This excessive tagging also caused issues for platforms like ConvertKit who show ALL tags in the interface.
  • The actual tag names like "membervault_course_add_1" isn't humanly readable and creates MORE work for our users to go back and try and figure out what it means.

So we've decided to put the power in YOUR hands and allow you to decide WHAT actions you care about, and then actually decide WHAT the name of the tag is.  This will reduce clutter, and make tags readable.

How do I convert my existing automations over to Actions?

The good news is that our research shows that most users only have 0 - 3 automations running off of tags, and therefore these changes should be quick and easy to make.

1. Figure out which tags you are actually using:

This step will vary for each email tool and each user, but the idea is the same.  Find out what automations are firing based on tags being added.  This could be a manual cruise through your automations, or if you have A LOT of automations and tags (like us), you should be able to search by tag and see what automations they are linked to.  (ActiveCampaign pictured above).

You can see that we have an automation that fires from "membervault_complete_course_1" being added.  Pop back over to MemberVault, and using the Tag Wizard / Tag Library, look up what Product and action this is referring to.  In this example, this happens when someone complete's the "Test Product Title" product.

Now all you have to do is go over to Actions, find that product and add a new Action for the product being complete.  You can use copy and paste the same tag you've been using (membervault_complete_course_1), or you can take this opportunity to rename the tag here in MemberVault and in AC.